February 2023

SESAR version 9.0.0 is released

We have released a new version of SESAR. The release includes a number of new features, enhancements and improvements to sample registrations.

SESAR is a member of DataCite. Sample registrations now follow the DataCite DOI infrastructure. Key features include a new repository prefix of 10.58052 for all IGSN allocations starting January 2023, and updates to the QR code to resolve through doi.org.

Enhancements consist of continued support for grandfathered samples using the old IGSN format during the transition and re-registration process to DataCite.

General improvements include minor bug fixes in webpage and sample editing. 

You can review the full list on the SESAR² Release Notes page.

If you have questions about SESAR², please contact info@geosamples.org.