With the release of SESAR v7.5, ORCiD has been added as a method to login to MySESAR. In order to use ORCiD to login to MySESAR, you must make sure your ORCiD is in your MySESAR account profile.

To add your ORCiD to your MySESAR account profile

  1. Click “My Account” tab in MySESAR
  2. Enter your ORCiD
  3. Click “Update User Profile” on the bottom of the page
  4. Log out of MySESAR

You can now login to MySESAR using your ORCiD account.

If your MySESAR account is an institutional account that should be tied to an individual’s ORCiD, you can continue to use your GeoPass account to login to MySESAR. Recommendations for institutional accounts can be found on the Resources for Institutions Page.