SESAR² is scheduled for a new release which will impact services on Thursday, July 22nd, 2021, between 9:00am and 5:00pm EDT. During the scheduled release, the MySESAR dashboard, SESAR² web services, and the SESAR² Catalog Search will be unavailable. 

In the release, we are adding a feature which will allow you to log into MySESAR using your ORCiD.  To prepare for the release, please add your ORCiD to your user profile.

If you have included your ORCiD in your EarthChem account, we have already migrated your ORCiD to your MySESAR account.  Please verify that the information is correct.

If your account is shared by multiple individuals (e.g., for a sample repository), please do not add an ORCiD to the profile. Please check our best practices for shared MySESAR accounts for more information.

We strongly encourage you to use ORCiD to log into MySESAR.  In the foreseeable future we will continue to support GeoPass for shared accounts and for users, who do not have ORCiDs.

If you have questions regarding the addition of ORCiD as a login method for MySESAR please email info@